KINGONE attend ISE 2023 Exhibition


2023-03-01 16:46:33

Industrial display is now very common, it is widely used in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent security, urban transportation, medical, commercial finance, artificial intelligence.

From January 31st to February 3rd, 2023, one of the world's largest audiovisual exhibitions, the European Audiovisual Equipment and Information System Integration Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "ISE Exhibition") was held in Barcelona, Spain. MAXHUB led the V6 conference panel , LED all-in-one machine, audio and video product series, etc., the latest products are stunningly unveiled, meeting the application needs of users in different industries around the world in various conference and office scenarios.

ISE exhibition is the world's leading audio-visual and system integration exhibition, with a large number of global audiences, and has always been regarded as the "weather vane" of the development of audio-visual technology. As the "first show" at the beginning of 2023, KINGONE will shine on the global technology stage, attracting many professionals and local media to watch and experience it.

At the ISE exhibition site, KINGONE exhibited a new conference tablet, directly addressing the pain points of traditional teleconferencing, such as image delay caused by network freezes, and noisy radio due to multi-person conferences. With powerful audio and video capabilities, it provides users with immersive Cross-space collaboration experience.

     The KINGONE conference tablet is equipped with a 48-megapixel high-definition pixel camera, which clearly presents the actions and expressions of the speaker, allowing remote colleagues to better focus on the speaker and obtain an immersive remote conference experience; it is also equipped with 8 array microphones and AI The noise reduction technology can automatically filter the environmental noises such as the movement of tables and chairs, keyboard tapping, etc., and the words of the remote speech are clear, so that the remote meeting can also have the same "face-to-face" communication reality as the local meeting.

In practical applications, display devices such as KINGONE conference panels and LED all-in-one machines are combined with audio and video products, smart podiums, digital signage and other equipment to realize functions such as small screen controlling large screen, professional audio and picture quality, and intelligent writing, which can be adapted to conferences. Room, lecture hall, exhibition hall, command center and other application scenarios, making conference collaboration more intelligent and free.

The appearance at the ISE exhibition is an important step for KINGONE to enhance its global influence. Over the years, KINGONE has actively deployed its global business, and with its strength in scientific and technological innovation, it has helped global enterprises in various fields such as finance, retail, government affairs, and medical care to quickly achieve digital upgrades. In the future, KINGONE will also continue the craftsmanship spirit of excellence, promote product iteration with technological innovation, and continue to bring users a smart and efficient office collaboration experience.

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