Classification of LCD advertising screen


2023-03-22 20:02:50

According to its functions, LCD advertising machines can be divided into: online advertising machines, stand-alone advertising machines, touch advertising machines, etc.1. Network version advertising

According to its functions, LCD advertising machines can be divided into: online advertising machines, stand-alone advertising machines, touch advertising machines, etc.

1. Network version advertising machine: Compared with the stand-alone version advertising machine, the network version advertising machine can be transmitted and controlled through the local area network and wireless network. A computer can control one or many LCD advertising machines through the method of network cable and WiFi. As far as the general network version advertising machine is concerned, a computer can control 1~100 or more advertising machines to play the same video synchronously. content, the content played by it can be directly downloaded to the computer.

2. Stand-alone advertising machine: The operation of the single-machine advertising machine is relatively simple. You only need to store the displayed content in the U disk, and insert it into the USB interface of the advertising machine to display it. Generally, the advertising machine will be equipped with a set of control software, so that split screen, playback and other controls can be performed.

3. The touch advertising machine is an online advertising machine with a touch function on the basis, which is equivalent to an extended version of a tablet computer. In most cases, it applies to educational interactions.

According to its application plan, LCD advertising machines can be divided into: indoor advertising machines, outdoor advertising machines, vehicle advertising machines and DID LCD splicing walls, etc.

1. Indoor advertising machine: Indoor advertising machine is usually used in an environment with relatively stable objective conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, and electromagnetic. Indoor advertising machines are generally used in elevators, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other places.

2. Outdoor advertising machine: Compared with indoor advertising machines, outdoor advertising machines not only require higher brightness, but also need to have the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, lightning protection, lightning protection, and anti-theft. Only when these conditions are met can the outdoor advertising machine adjust and run stably.

3. Vehicle-mounted advertising machine: In order to make full use of the mobility and large population capacity of passenger cars, a vehicle-mounted advertising machine that integrates images and dynamics has emerged as the times require, focusing on a rich in-car entertainment and cultural life. Advertising A new way of advertising.

4. DID LCD splicing wall: The LCD splicing wall adopts the new generation of liquid crystal display technology launched by Samsung, which is used in various types of security monitoring, information release display systems and liquid crystal displays of display equipment. It has high brightness, high definition, Long life, stable operation, low maintenance cost and so on.

LCD advertising machines can be divided into wall-mounted advertising machines and vertical advertising machines according to their equipment methods.

1. Wall-mounted advertising machine is a brand-new media concept, which refers to hanging in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places where people gather, and releases commercial, financial and entertainment information through large-screen terminal flashing devices Professional multimedia audio-visual system.

2. The floor-standing vertical advertising machine literally means an advertising machine that can be placed on the ground and stand up. Its operation is understood as the concept of a vertical advertising machine. It can have a horizontal screen vertical, a vertical screen vertical, a T-shaped vertical, etc. Appearance method.

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