What are the characteristics of the industrial touch all-in-one machine?


2023-05-06 10:34:45

Industrial PC Panel can help enterprises improve work efficiency, save space and resources, optimize production process, reduce costs, improve product quality and market competitiveness.

  (1) High reliability. The industrial interact display is often used to control the continuous production process. It is not allowed to stop for maintenance during operation. Once a failure occurs, it will lead to quality accidents or even production accidents. Therefore, the industrial interact display is required to have high reliability, low failure rate and short maintenance time.  

 (2) Good real-time performance. The industrial touch all-in-one machine must respond to the changes of various parameters of the control object in real time in order to control and monitor the production process in real time. When the process parameters deviate or fail, it can respond in real time and carry out alarm and processing in real time. Usually industrial touch all-in-one machine is equipped with real-time multitasking operating system and interrupt system.  

 (3) Strong environmental adaptability. Due to the harsh environment of the industrial site, the industrial touch screen all in one pc is required to have a strong ability to adapt to the environment, such as high requirements for the range of temperature/humidity changes; it has the ability to prevent dust, corrosion, and shock; it has good electromagnetic compatibility and high resistance. Interference ability and high common mode rejection ability.

 (4) Rich input and output templates. The touch screen all in one pc is matched with the process instrument and deals with various signals, requiring rich multi-function input and output matching templates, such as analog, digital, pulse and other input and output templates.

  (5) The system has good scalability and openness. Flexible system scalability is conducive to the improvement of factory automation level and the continuous expansion of control scale. Open architecture is adopted to facilitate system expansion, software upgrade and interchange.

  (6) The control software package has strong functions, with convenient human interaction, rich pictures and good real-time performance; it has the functions of system configuration and system generation; it has the function of recording real-time and historical trends in reality; it has the functions of real-time and historical trend records and Display function; with real-time alarm and accident recall functions; with rich control algorithms.  

 (7) The system has strong communication functions. Generally, the all in one pc monitor is required to form a large-scale computer control system with remote communication functions. In order to meet the real-time requirements, the communication network speed of the industrial pc panel must be high and conform to international standard communication protocols.  

 (8) Redundancy. In occasions that require high reliability, dual-machine work and redundant systems are required, including dual-control stations, dual-operation stations, dual-network communications, dual-power supply systems, dual-power supplies, etc., with dual-machine switching functions and dual-machine monitoring software, etc., to ensure the long-term uninterrupted operation of the system.

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