How to use the advertising all-in-one machine?


2023-05-16 14:44:30

The advertising all-in-one machine is a convenient and practical display device, which not only has powerful functions, but also is very simple and convenient to use.

The advertising all-in-one machine is a digital electronic display device, which is composed of high-definition display screen, broadcasting software, network interface and other technologies, and is widely used in commercial display, publicity, advertising and other fields. The all-in-one advertising machine not only has the advantages of interactivity, multimedia and visibility, but also is very simple and convenient to use. This article will introduce in detail the usage and precautions of the advertising all-in-one machine.

一. Preparation

Before using the all-in-one advertising machine, the first step is to plug in the all-in-one advertising machine and start the device. The power cord must be inserted firmly to ensure a stable power supply. The second step is to place the screen. The size of the advertising all-in-one machine is different, so you need to choose the size according to your own needs. The selection result should take into account factors such as the position, size, and viewing angle of the screen. Generally speaking, the all-in-one advertising machine needs to be placed in a relatively common place with strong perception, so that more users can see it. The third step needs to connect the director software of the advertising all-in-one machine to the local network or Wi-Fi. The advertising all-in-one machine has a certain degree of networking, and can be directly connected to the advertising platform through the network or Wi-Fi to realize information sharing and interconnection.

二. Detailed method of use

Once the pre-preparation is completed, the advertising all-in-one machine can be used. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Open the broadcast guide software of the all-in-one advertising machine, which can be downloaded from the official website, and then installed on the all-in-one advertising machine. Director software usually has a friendly interface and operation, which can help users quickly and conveniently produce various advertising media content.

2. In the interface of the broadcasting software, select the advertisement template you need. There are many advertisement templates, and users can choose according to their own needs, such as choosing video advertisements, picture advertisements, text messages, and so on.

3. Fill in/upload your own ad content in the template. According to the template and your own needs, fill in/upload your own advertising content in the advertising all-in-one machine. Specific content such as subtitles, pictures, music, video, special effects, etc. can be set according to your needs.

4. Adjust the playing time of the ad. The director software of the advertising all-in-one machine can set the playing time of the advertisement, and the user can set different times according to the needs to ensure that the advertisement can be fully displayed and disseminated.

5. After completing the setting of the advertisement content, the user can click the "Play" button to start the circular playback mode of the advertisement. During the loop, the user can pause, modify, or stop the ad as desired.

三. Matters needing attention

In the process of using the advertising all-in-one machine, special attention should be paid to the following items:

1. Fully protect the advertising all-in-one machine, avoid touching electrical appliances, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, etc., to ensure the long-term stability and good use experience of the all-in-one advertising machine.

2. Make sure that the content of the advertisement is true and reliable, and that the content cannot contain harmful information such as violations of regulations, laws, obscenity, and vulgarity. Abide by the relevant national laws and regulations and ethics.

3. Regularly maintain and check the advertising all-in-one equipment to ensure normal equipment use and reduce maintenance costs.

4. According to their own needs, reasonably plan the advertising strategy and choose different advertising time to ensure that the advertisement can be seen by the audience accurately and in a wide range, and achieve the expected purpose.

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