Advertising strategy of outdoor advertising machine


2023-05-16 15:45:40

The advertising strategy of outdoor advertising machines needs to be formulated from the perspectives of audience positioning, brand positioning, visual effects, interactivity, and geographical positioning.

Outdoor advertising machine is a digital advertising display device, which is favored by commercial advertising marketing programs because of its excellent performance in outdoor advertising. How to use outdoor advertising machines to formulate effective advertising strategies to further improve advertising effects? Let's explore the advertising strategy of outdoor display screen.

1. Precise positioning of the target audience

Precisely targeting the target audience is the first step in formulating an advertising strategy for outdoor advertising machines. Only by accurately grasping the gender, age, occupation, region, consumption habits and other characteristics of the target audience can we accurately formulate advertising content and promotion methods. For example: if the target audience is mainly young people, then the advertisement can pursue visual impact and creativity, increase the use of elements such as Internet celebrities and Disney, and arouse resonance and participation of young people.

2. Create a brand image

Outdoor display screen is a powerful media promotion tool, and building a brand image is one of the important goals of advertising. Create a good brand image and enhance brand reputation and loyalty by playing creative and exciting advertising content. For example: For some new brands, you can interpret the brand concept in the same way as Luo Ji thinking, attract the attention of the target audience, and create a culture and atmosphere.

3. Emphasis on short and concise

Outdoor advertising machines have the characteristics of strong visual effects and short viewing time, so the advertising content needs to be short and concise. Ads with excessive content, unclear language, and poor focus can increase viewer visual fatigue and coding burden, reducing the effectiveness of the ad. For example: Huawei's "Poet Mobile" advertisement, with a simple and clear four-three split-screen structure, is humorous and humorous, successfully attracting the attention of young consumers and improving brand reputation and sales.

4. Smart use of interactivity

Another highlight of the outdoor advertising machine is interactivity. The advertising content organically integrates online and offline interactive experiences, such as: scanning QR codes to obtain coupons, interactive games, answering questions, etc., increasing consumer participation and Rich advertising formats. For example: Intime Department Store's "Kite Flying" interactive advertisement uses outdoor advertising machines to print kite-flying photos to guide participants, achieving a memory effect and brand effect that is different from ordinary advertisements.

5. Strengthen geographic positioning

The outdoor advertising machine has a precise geographic positioning function, and intelligently pushes advertisements that meet the needs of consumers in the area according to the location of the user, achieving more effective advertising and marketing effects. For example: for an ice cream advertisement of a certain brand, the major stores of the brand are marked on the map through the outdoor advertising machine to attract consumers to go directly to buy.

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