The all-in-one teaching machine has these four basic functions, which are basically enough.


2024-05-28 16:48:06

Discover the fundamental functions of our all-in-one teaching machine, covering all essential needs for educators.

Essential Features of the All-in-One Teaching Machine: Simplifying Education with Four Fundamental Functions!

In the past two or three years, the teaching touch all-in-one machine has become a hot-selling product in our commercial display industry. I have heard about it everywhere. Do you have a teaching touch all-in-one machine at home? It turns out that the reason is to respond to the country’s call to improve teaching quality, improve the educational environment, and make education smarter. So today I will share with you the four important functions of the Kingone teaching all-in-one machine.

The all-in-one teaching machine has these four basic functions, which are basically enough.(图1)

1. Screen handwriting:

The touch function of the teaching touch screen all-in-one machine allows manual writing directly on the screen, and writing is not limited by the screen. Not only can you write on a split screen, but you can also write anywhere on the same page by dragging. The writing content can be edited and edited at any time. save. You can also enlarge, reduce, drag or delete at will.

2. Electronic whiteboard function:

Supports PPT\word\Excel files: PPT, word and Excel files can be imported into whiteboard software for annotation, and the original handwriting can be saved; supports editing of text, formulas, graphics, images, table files, etc.

3. Storage function:

The storage function is a special feature of the multimedia teaching touch all-in-one machine. It can store blackboard content, such as any text or graphics written on the whiteboard, or any pictures inserted or dragged onto the whiteboard. After storage, it can also be distributed to students in electronic format or printed form for students to use after class review or mid-term, final or even high school entrance examination review.

4. Edit annotation function:

Teachers can freely control and annotate original courseware, such as animations, videos, etc., in the annotation mode of the whiteboard. This not only allows teachers to introduce various types of digital resources conveniently and flexibly, but also increases the efficiency of watching videos and animations, and improves students' learning efficiency.

Just these four basic functions allow the all-in-one education machine to play a big role in teaching. Kingone teaching all-in-one machine also has these new functions, such as: wireless screen projection, real-time recording and broadcasting, scanning QR codes to take away, etc. Diverse functions.

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